Website Development

Your business having stake in online property is as important as ever.  Display that space with beauty, relevance, and ease can ensure the continued success of your goals and happiness of your users.  Reign your domain with the help of the powerful web-developing team of Multi Media Channels.  We provide multiple options of Web Design, ranging from the affordable to the seemingly improbable!  Find your best, custom site that shows off all the strengths of your business.


 We purchase the URL for you!

• Starting Packages include a Five-Page website (with option to add more pages) designed to work on computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

• Writing that helps you show up in search engine results.

• Click-to-call so mobile users can reach you in an instant.

• Google Maps that direct prospects right to your door.

• Highlight your products and services, including photo galleries and testimonials.

• Measure the number of visitors.

• Link to social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc…)

• Advanced Packages can include: social media integration; on-site search engine; custom design consultation; eCommerce; specialized reports; credit card processing; and more!


Contact Kurt Officer for consultation at 715-207-7836